Credits and Special Thanks

We all want peace on earth, but where do we begin?  In 2008, this on-line introductory peace studies course was created by two friends, Zachary Aaron Perlman and Ryan Patrick Duggan. 

When planning the curriculum we consulted several peace institutes, nonprofit organizations, and teachers of peace studies. Excellent content was gleaned from and freely shared by sources like the Center for Teaching Peace and the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. The result is a unique blend of introductory information intended to inspire further interest in peace studies.

For several years this online course was hosted and maintained under the umbrella of an interfaith organization called Monks Without Borders. In 2012 the organization disbanded and the course went offline for many months.

Feeling a renewed sense of urgency to share this information we’ve decided to put it back online. The peace course website has been rebuilt to include features like a phone friendly layout plus integration with wordpress, facebook, and more. 

To help keep this program going we occasionally invite our students to consider giving a donation. There has never been a fee associated with taking this course. It remains free to all. At this current time donations are not tax deductible but they are still very much appreciated.

If you’d like to contribute to this program in some way, please contact us by email: